Collection: Novelty Cards & Prints

Introducing Our Empowering Novelty Cards: Where Hip-Hop Meets Cute Aggression!

Unleash the bold spirit of iconic hip-hop rapper women through our empowering novelty cards, where fierce lyrics of the likes of Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion collide with adorable yet aggressive kawaii cat & dog characters. Our collection pays homage to the unapologetic attitude of hip-hop queens, merging their badass energy with our cute and feisty illustrations. Each card is a fusion of lyrical power and adorable aggression,.

These cards are not just expressions; they're gifts infused with attitude and humor. Perfect for your besties, girlfriends, and loved ones, they convey sentiments with a touch of rebellious charm. The blend of hip-hop sass and adorable aggression strikes the perfect balance, making them the ideal gift to bring smiles and laughter to those you care about. With each card, you're not just sharing a moment; you're sharing an empowering message, wrapped in the perfect amount of humor, ready to make your loved ones feel special. Embrace the synergy of boldness, cuteness, and humor, and make your gift unforgettable with our ever-expanding collection of novelty cards.