Collection: Accessories

Elevate Your Look with Our Captivating Pan-Asian Accessories!

Each piece is rich with story and symbolism. Our collection of Pan Asian accessories is embedded with a multitude of themes including anime, Asian street style, intricate Japanese Irezumi tattoo, strong South East Asian culture, history and poetry.

Discover the elegance of our Pan Asian earrings, adorned with iconic and meaningful symbols like the auspicious koi fish, embodying resilience and abundance, all while celebrating the spirit of Lunar New Year and countless other Asian festivities with our themed accessories such as our Asian Chinese style earrings 'GET RICH', red packet earrings and CHEERS - GANBEI - KANPAI earrings that are sure to be a talking point at any party. And most notably for the spicier people, our eclectic range of alternative subculture anime cosplay influenced Pan Asian street style inspired chokers made from both genuine high quality leather embossed with embossed Irezumi crane tattoo details, and Shibari Maneki Neko waving cat inspired rope bell chokers, as well as our cosplay inspired headpiece offer the perfect final touch to any ensemble.

Our accessories serve as a bridge, connecting you to the profound heritage of Pan Asian traditions with a contemporary twist. Embrace the symbolic depth of every item, allowing your style to resonate with the beauty and significance of Pan Asian culture and beyond. Whether its for day-to-day casual, special occasions, or as a gift to your favourite people; let your authenticity shine and through our alternative accessories tell stories of heritage, symbolism, and make a statement that goes beyond aesthetics.