DECORATIVE FAN • Mirror Weapons Fan • Made To Order

DECORATIVE FAN • Mirror Weapons Fan • Made To Order

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PLEASE NOTE THIS IS MADE TO ORDER! Processing time will be longer.

Inspired by the Steel Fans used by Samurai and in Gongfu Shan 功夫扇, a Kung Fu fighting technique using fans. And who could forget the iconic Mortal Kombat Nikita!

This handcrafted fan is the perfect ornamental display in any aesthete's home. 

Fan spokes emulate the form of the Sai (Japanese: 釵/Chinese: 鐵尺), a traditional Asian melee weapon used for striking and blocking, renowned in Ninjutsu and Kobujutsu, as well as Southern Chinese martial arts. The front spoke is embossed with our slogan, STAY MAD. Words we live by!

 Fan spokes are made from mirror lucite/acrylic and are solid grey on the back side, tied together with sturdy nylon thread.

Length of the spokes are approximately 28cm (closed), and 52cm fully open.

⚠️This piece is 100% handmade by myself in the UK🇬🇧! As this is a new item and already sold the originals at a pop up I have yet to calculate the shipping properly and may have to request  shipping fee after I've produced the first small batch; thank you for your understanding!


Shipping & Processing

All pieces are made to order by hand, so will generally require a week or so for processing the complex items such as the fashion pieces and accessories. Smaller items such as the cards and earrings will processed in a shorter amount of time.

UK delivery is usually 1-4 days.

International delivery can be between 6-30 days depending on which country you're ordering to.

Please message us if you need a specific estimate time on an item :)


Care Instructions

Fashion Pieces:

Do not machine wash! Item may run colour. Gently hand wash in cold water, or alternatively dry clean :) If the item has decorative Chinese tassel knots remove before washing for longevity.


Wipe clean with wet wipes, avoid getting wet! To maintain shine metal parts can be shined with metal polish e.g. Sidol

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