About Us

Director Designer, Celine Loh selling at the Spring Satanic Flea Market with male model, image by DaddyStreetFox

LOH is for the culture; a Pan-Asian collection of handmade alternative accessories, products & fashion with a twist of angry anime warrior aesthetic. Each piece encompasses a layered narrative from subculture to religion and poetry. Made for poetic people; a personal reflection of being part of the Asian diaspora.

LOH was founded by Céline Loh; a multi-disciplinary designer with a deep interest in culture. These artefacts have become a medium for her to continue experimenting with the alchemy of culture and design through an intimate cultural lens.

After working in a diverse mix of design fields ranging from Product, Architecture & Accessories, Céline has now taken LOH full time as of 2022, to pursue her creative freedom and absolute autonomy.

LOH is based in London and exclusive to Brand Academy Store OXO Tower, as well as routinely exhibiting at diverse range of pop-ups; Hyper Japan, Le Boutique Bazaar, and Satanic Flea Market to name a few. It's clear that the brand has become a favourite amongst many from all over the world!