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Irezumi • Chest Piece • Temporary Tattoo • Large Macro Tattoo

Irezumi • Chest Piece • Temporary Tattoo • Large Macro Tattoo

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Macro size original mirrored two piece temporary tattoo design; Irezumi Chest Piece with crane by LOH.

Cranes are symbolic of good fortune, longevity and love in asian culture. This piece is drawn in irezumi style, typically donned by Japanese Yakuza gangs.

Perfect for any culture lover!💖🎁

Please note that the longevity of the tattoo is subject to showers/baths; the colour will run immediately under warm/hot water. It's recommended to cover the tattoo with an airtight seal while showering (e.g. clingfilm & washproof tape combination), however as this is a large macro tattoo I would recommend gently wiping over the area with a damp cloth to clean and avoiding warm/hot water completely for this part of your body.

1. Clean and dry area of skin from any grease
2. Cut the desired tattoo from the set
3. Carefully peel the clear plastic film from the tattoo paper
4. Place the adhesive side of tattoo paper onto the area of skin
5. Dab the tattoo paper gently with a damp sponge until the tattoo can come off easily from the paper
- For easier removal of the tattoo use sellotape and follow with oils.
- Avoid contact with hot/warm water.

DO NOT USE if you are prone to allergies!


Shipping & Processing

All pieces are made to order by hand, so will generally require a week or so for processing the complex items such as the fashion pieces and accessories. Smaller items such as the cards and earrings will processed in a shorter amount of time.

UK delivery is usually 1-4 days.

International delivery can be between 6-30 days depending on which country you're ordering to.

Please message us if you need a specific estimate time on an item :)


Care Instructions

Fashion Pieces:

Do not machine wash! Item may run colour. Gently hand wash in cold water, or alternatively dry clean :) If the item has decorative Chinese tassel knots remove before washing for longevity.


Wipe clean with wet wipes, avoid getting wet! To maintain shine metal parts can be shined with metal polish e.g. Sidol

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